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What is Managee?

Managee is primarily a Content Management System (CMS). As it used to manage all the site, we could also call it a Website Management System, which is probably a more apropriate description. These fine words is the industry name of a system designed to manage form and content of websites.

Managee works - as many other CMS's - via the very webbrowser you're actually using to surf the pages! In other words you're adding, updating and deleting content directly online with Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. Of course you must have username/password access to the administration-system of a given website.

Why Managee?

Until now, it took substantial capital investment to obtain just a few of the functions provided by Managee. Too often, all that investment really purchased was layers of cumbersome, and often indifferent IT bureaucracy, which itself required costly management oversight. Managee finally allows you to take charge.

Frontend Features

Template Based

One of the strongest features of Managee is that it is completely template-based, meaning that the entire engine's look and its output can be modified, customized and integrated into any web site. In simple words, you can take Managee and in less than one hour you could easily make it look like a part of your web site! Managee has built-in template editors that allow you to modify any visual element of the engine. In fact, Managee templates are so flexible that you can create your own template files, have nested templates, declare your own tags, i.e. customize the output in any way or form. Forget the times of headers and footers, customizing a program's output have never been easier.

Search Friendly URLs

Almost any developer knows that search engine placement is critical to the success of a web site. What many people don't know is that a lot of search engines cannot index many database-driven pages (basically any page with a '?' or '&' in the URL).

As of today we are proud to announce that search engine friendly URLs for Managee have become a reality. Both search engines and proxies won't distinguish the pages generated by Managee. Search engines are able to spider all contents of your site. Your users will be quite happy, because they don't have to remember long and complicated links anymore.

Entire Site Search

Full text search on news/pages/articles/polls/comments

Auto Navigation

Any Managee CMS driven site has automatic generation of all relevant navigational items such as menus (dropdown as well), lists, sitemaps and breadcrumbs.

Backend Features

Versioning and Rollback

Versioning is a regular backup system which stores a number of versions of data for later use. Rollback is the process of restoring those backup versions, or replacing the current data with a backup version. Essentially, rollback allows a user to 'roll back the clock', restoring an entry to its state at a prior date or time.

Comprehensive Browser-Based WYSIWYG Editor

Managee has a rich text editor with friendly Microsoft Word interface. It allows anybody to create links, bold words, or add color with a single click. Managee editor works on a WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) basis. Microsoft Word like interface, familiar to anyone. Virtually no training is needed by authorized business users familiar with a word processor. They can simply begin creating or editing Web content immediately. Copy and Paste content from Windows applications. You can change text, you can change fonts, you can change colors, you can add or delete images, you can work with tables and you can import any text from a word document, you can edit at you heart's content. This editor requires no separate application (ActiveX control or DLLs) to be installed or uploaded.

Scheduled Updates

Information can be scheduled to appear on the date that you specify and archive and disappear from the page automatically as you set the date.

Newsletter / Mailing List

A robust mailing list utility lets you easily manage unlimited lists in a feature rich environment: unlimited mailing lists, test newsletter, visual message queue that displays the status of newsletter, send to multiple lists, duplicate removals, personalized mass mailings, message archive, block e-mail addresses, manage list settings.

RDF Site Summary (RSS)

Want more traffic? An easy way to distribute your news? Then you need an RSS news feed. To start all you need is content you want broadcast, and one RSS text file.

Rich Site Summary (RSS) is a lightweight XML format designed for sharing headlines and other Web content. Think of it as a distributable "What's New" for your site. Originally developed by Netscape to fill channels for Netcenter, RSS has evolved into a popular means of sharing content between sites (including the BBC, CNET, CNN, Disney, Forbes, Motley Fool, Wired, Red Herring, Salon, Slashdot, ZDNet, and more). RSS solves a myriad of problems webmasters commonly face, such as increasing traffic, and gathering and distributing news. RSS can also be the basis for additional content distribution services.

Let other websites incorporate your content to extend your reach.
Syndicating webmasters add the code once to their website and it will stay current. Whenever your website is updated, all the syndicate sites are updated at the same time.
Syndicates can choose to display all your content or only a single category.
Customize the font, size, colour to match the syndicate's website design.

Category Management

  • Create multiple categories for your information.
  • Organize the categories in any order you like.
  • Hide categories to remove them temporarily from your website.
  • Search for categories in the administration system to access them quickly.
  • Customize the number of articles and headlines displayed for each category.
  • Associate different images with the category.
  • Use different templates for each category to further customize the look of your website.

Permissions On a Group Basis

All Managee users have a username and password to access the system via their web browser. The site administrator determines which areas of the site each user has access to, and what actions they can perform, including:

  • Creating or modifying news
  • Creating or modifying or publishing articles
  • Uploading images and files
  • Creating or modifying sections
  • Creating or modifying templates
  • Limit acces to site folders
  • Creating user accounts
  • And much more...

Product Features


Managee offers the most affordable CM solutions on the market today. Licenses start at $250 to $500.

Component-Based Model

The Managee solution is designed to be a building block - "one piece of the puzzle" to be built into a Web site or intranet. Because of this component approach, developers can easily integrate the Managee solution into their site - even if the site has complicated business logic, or other third party components like e-commerce and personalization.

That is why Managee solutions are considered the "product of choice" for developers. "They don’t get in your way," because they do not take control over the whole Web page, instead they only manage a block of content within a page. This gives developers the ability to add your own dynamic PHP code, or any special business logic programming outside the scope of business user content management.


The functionality of Managee can be extended via plugins. Plugins available include a site search, a scheduler program, and much more!

Easy to Integrate

Designed for easy integration, Managee solutions can be integrated into your existing site in days - not months!

Easy to Manage

The intuitive web based administrator console lets site administrators solve Web site issues, make configuration changes, and manage users from any Internet-connected computer with a Web browser. By controlling the options available to users through the customizable editor toolbar, the administrator is able to maintain consistency and Web site content integrity.

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